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What's changed?

Today, I am thinking about how different the experience of creating a website is to what is was last time I did it (some 14 years ago). Then, it was a lengthy back and forth with a German-speaking designer, sending through files that were invariably in the wrong format, and sending her hard copies (!) of photos because she had a high-res scanner, and that was not a normal thing to have in 2005.

This time, I spent a few hours, all on my own, using some design skills I have picked up during my first 5 years as Artistic Director of Victory Hall Opera and at little or no cost, here is the result. And I can update it myself. All good things! Then again, my German skills will definitely suffer from not having to find new ways to describe miniature design changes via email!

In the future, I will be using this blog to continue the kind of writing I used to publish on Huffpo. I will try as hard as I can to be honest and open with my thoughts about the opera industry, performing, and running an indie opera company.

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