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TOP JOB (2022)

A short documentary by Miriam Gordon-Stewart. All about female leadership in Australian opera, and why we don't have more of it.
featuring Dr. Lindy Hume, Ali McGregor, Deborah Cheetham, Simone Young, Dr. Caitlin Vincent and Fiona Allan, soundtrack performed by Bethany Hill.

UNSUNG (2021)

Documentary feature: Mid-career, and mid-pandemic, the cast of a COVID-cancelled La Traviata production question their identity as singers.

Filmed on iPhones, directed by Miriam Gordon-Stewart. Featuring Rachelle Durkin, Carlton Ford, Victor Ryan Robertson, Brenda Patterson and Matt Burns. Conducted by Kathleen Kelly.


Mini-documentary about the staging methodology originated by Miriam Gordon-Stewart at Victory Hall Opera.

Fat Pig (2022)

A hybrid film of the chamber opera by Miriam Gordon-Stewart and Matt Boehler, based on the play by Neil LaBute. Combined live and recorded footage. Directed by Miriam Gordon-Stewart

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